Penis Advantage

Penis Advantage
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

You Can Shoot A Bigger Wad!

Hey, guys! Here is some great news. You can shoot a bigger wad, and have a much more intense orgasm every time! You've seen porn movies where the guy shoots what seems like a bucket load of cum half way across the room. What if you could do the same thing? There is a way to increase your semen production by up to 500%! You can 'cum like a porn star' when you know this secret!

It really is not a secret. The answer is to take a supplement known as semen enhancers. These supplements are a safe proprietary blend of herbs, and vitamins, and can be purchased without a prescription. Here is what you can expect when you take a good semen enhancer on a daily basis.

  • More Intense Orgasms
  • Faster Recovery Between Each Orgasm
  • Shoot Bigger Wads
  • Shoot Your Wads Farther And With More Force

Every man wants a more intense orgasm. When you shoot a bigger wad, your orgasm will last longer, and each pulsation and contraction will be more intense, because it just naturally takes more time to ejaculate all that extra cum!

Your woman will appreciate the results you get from taking semen enhancers, too! The special blend of vitamins not only will increase your semen loads by up to 500%, they will help you recover faster after each orgasm. That means you can stay right there in bed, and give her what she wants a second, and maybe even a third time! And, since you will be shooting a bigger wad, she can see, and enjoy just how much pleasure she has given you!

You can shoot a bigger wad, recover faster after you cum, and shoot your wad clear across the room! All you need is a little boost from these great semen enhancers. Order some today!


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